Raised on Ritalin // Chapter 4 pt. 1 and Chapter 5

I'm now halfway done with a rough draft and should be done with a full draft later this spring. After the holidays I needed to take a break from writing and research and do some drawing. I thought it might also help sell the book to have some finished art from later parts of the book. 

The book now breaks down into thirds. The first part contains the intro sections and the main memoir segment (me growing up, going to the doctor, trying different meds, etc.). The second third is the reportage/research section where I lay out all the interesting stuff I've learned about ADD, meds, and so on. The final third is a synthesis of the first two parts - I take what I've learned and talk about how it's given me insight into every aspect of my life.

So here is part 1 of Chapter 4 and all of Chapter 5.


Chapter 4 is probably the longest chapter in the book, making up the bulk of the first third. The second part of Chapter 4 deals primarily with everything after I graduated from college: all of my struggles as an adult, being re-diagnosed, etc. Since I did these finished pages primarily to give people - like editors - a sense of what the book would feel like as it went along, it didn't seem necessary to do all of this chapter. Yet.

Chapter 5 is where things turn the corner from memoir to reportage/research.

Chapter 5: "So What Is ADD REALLY?"

Again, this is just a taste of where things are going. I go on to cover the development/evolution of the definition and "discovery" of ADD. I then take the position that the story of ADD is also the story of modern psychiatry and talk about that field's growth and evolution into the current "bio-psycho-pharma-medical" industry.

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