Raised on Ritalin // Chapter 2: Let's Start With the Basics

Chapter 2 has been revised and updated with all new material, including where the concept/definition of ADD/ADHD came from! Download a convenient PDF eBook of Chapter 2 HERE for just $1.

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Want to own a convenient copy of this chapter in PDF form? Download a PDF eBook HERE for just ONE DOLLAR!

More to come. Chapters 3 and 4 will continue my personal story of growing up and re-diagnosis before diving into ADHD's place in modern psychiatry, causes, a review of current treatments, and more, more, MORE!


  1. This is brilliant! I was diagnosed with ADHD (but I believe it to be in its residual form now) almost eight years ago. I know exactly how this feels, except my parents felt that I didn't need the Ritalin. It's nice to read something I can really relate to since I have never actually interacted with other people like us. THANK YOU SO MUCH. This means the world to me.

  2. Love your comic book. Keep going! You might find this interesting http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDZFcDGpL4U


  3. @Lejlafo-
    thanks! I've seen that video/lecture and love it. I definitely plan on talking about education and education reform in this book.

  4. I howled when I got to the part about the fear of the telephone. It takes days for me to get up the nerve to pick up the phone and dial out. Thank you for your invaluable work.

    I have non-hyper ADD. Because I was not "hyper" they just called me the absent-minded professor and made fun of me my whole life. I have been treated for major depressive disorder since I was 40. Within 5 years I was back in college full-time and went on to a top-tier law school. It was a mistake. My ADD was not diagnosed until three years after my graduation. I have not been able to pass the Bar. I take a long-acting form of ritalin now and life is slowly improving. I credit my ADD with my encyclopedic knowledge. People call me a polymath. Just wish I could have acquired it in a more methodical fashion. I would have had to had help as a child instead of at the age of 55.

  5. As someone who is currently raising a 5 year old and going through all of these same EXACT issues in my head, thanks for making these.

    It's a such a sincere and frustrating internal dialogue.

  6. Informative and entertaining. All the information I've seen here I've also seen in books and posters at the doctor's office. However, this is a much more entertaining way.

  7. This comic is absolutely fantastic, my only concern is that there are so few female characters. I know that boys get diagnosed with adhd more often but it causes a lot of problems with us too!